Lonely Lane, draped in idealistic anthems
And values unused in decades
Fearless few have trudged bravely on your darkened path
All detouring- virile younglings and graying hopefuls

Cold and flanked by truth blades
Wisely sharpened and double-edged
Ageless virtues pave the way for the chosen
Pitch black, but ignited by traveller’s third sight

Only the lone wolf who dares a nay to decay
The knighted orator speaking for the weak
Those who taste freedom’s D-Day, from captors’ dens
Frail men, un-cowering and whom injustice won’t tweak

In peaceful protests young voices are heard
Shrill and piercing, running peace gauntlets
Bold hues of melanin, green and bloody red
Running in streams as bullets reply peace chants

The elders: timid, wizened and crooked ones
Watch in suspenseful horror, as a green army throngs the less travelled Lane
They sit across from each other, and gnaw at unspoken fears
Crooked ones cackling at bullet sounds, while the rest wish they have died.

The Lanes’ once grey walkway is now bloodied
Pandemonium, shock and tragedy rise as reddened dust.
The footfalls now die off and the souls of heroes now march heavily onward in blinding light,
While ninjas of corrupt elders whisk corpses off for a feast.

I am but a weeping scribe on Truths’ path.
And have taken The Lanes’ passage vows,
To see from an incorrupt mind and my one-eyed pen hereby
And tell tales of unsung heroes who tasted utopian freedom and rusty death.

04:35pm Saturday, October 31 2020

In the memory of my unarmed compatriots who were massacred by the military during a peaceful protest, while singing the national anthem and holding the Nigerian flag on the 20th night of October, 2020.

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